Sunday, April 10, 2011

Precious Gifts

I don't think I will ever in this life really recognize or appreciate the value of these Precious books. We are so blessed and fortunately to have the scriptures. They have helped me in so many ways and in so many situations of my life. They were written to help us in these latter days. The principles and teachings are to help guide us through this life. In the Bible-the new testament to be more specific, is all about the life of our loving Saviour Jesus Christ. We read about his life, his example, his ultimate sacrifice-the atonement, and his miraculous ressurection. The Book of Mormon is Christs visit and dealings with the ancient people in the Americas and is another testament of him. We also have the Doctrine and Covenants which are writings from the beloved Prophet of these latter days-Joseph Smith who restored the gospel and christs original church. These books are precious and are such treasures. Their value is more than gold or of any worldy value. Please read these books. Read them with an open heart, thirst and hunger for the inspiration that comes from reading them and then apply what you have learned. I promise as you do so, your life will be blessed forever. They give us power and strength and we need that everyday to fight against the adversary.

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I say unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold the words of Christ will tell you all things that ye should do -2 Nephi 32:3

.....for i did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning-1Nephi 19:23

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sooo although im super nervous, I am definitely way more excited to go on a mission and serve the CHICAGO! seriously....I feel so blessed and so lucky. These pictures have been getting me more anxious and redirecting my focus...making it easier to calm my nerves. This place is beautiful and looks amazing I cant believe I get to live here for 16 months... what im most excited for are the people that live here whos lives are goin to change mine forever and whos lives will be changed because they now know of their savior :)

Man...i have a little more than a month left and it still hasnt kicked probably wont until I'm lying down in my bed after the first day of being in the MTC haha. I'm excited to leave but of course I feel like im no where near ready. Thank goodness for Easter Pageant! It's helpin me stay focused and get me more excited to share the wonderful message of the Gospel :) I can't go without mentioning General Conference. Amazing right!? I received alot of help and my mind has been enlightened. It definitely boosted my motivation to prepare for the mission and it definitely strengthened my testimony even more of the restored gospel. How blessed our we to have a modern day prophet and all of the general authorities to lead and guide us in these chaotic latter days.

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference as much as I did :)

Hope all is well! Have a blessed day! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rings N' Such

Sooo sometimes i just randomly surf the net for...whatever.....typically "girl stuff" as most boys would say. I come upon some pretty neat things I know I would Love to purchase but never will actually own but its fun to look at least right? (so yes I waste time on the computer for nothing pretty much ) haha but I love rings and I found some cool pieces of jewelry that I like and some that were pretty funny too.....enjoy! haha

(P.S. although alot of the stones are diamonds...i would rather have a colored stone if anyones wondering...No im not weird and look at wedding rings or have one picked out ha)

I thought these were pretty clever and funny

haha the pillow one cracks me up...

im sure you now feel like youve wasted 5 minutes of your time looking at this post haha

Have a great day! :)


wow its almost been a whole year since i last posted something... lots has happened but nothin really super significant enough to update you all on except one thing in particular has been super exciting and will ultimately become a huge change and blessing in my life. I have been herby called to serve in the Illinois Chicago Mission!! :) and I will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language! I received my called on Febuary 18th and time has already flown by so fast. I report to the Provo MTC on May 18th :) I can't even begin to express my excitement and how blessed and honored i feel to have the priviledge of being a represenative of the Lord and to be apart of marvelous work. Easter Pageant has started up again :) the most exciting time of the year for me haha. What a wonderful example of a great cause to be anxiously engaged in. It has blessed my life in numerous ways...i could live off just the memories and know that my testimony of this church will never waver. I'm excited for performances to start. I challenge everyone to come and to invite people and invite a non member from. The spirit is so strong there and what a wonderful missionary opportunity to have them see a play about the life of jesus saves you the time from having to tell them...they can see it all in action haha. These past couple of months have been pretty interesting. It seems as if life has been all over the place. Every emotion has been felt and I never thought I would...but I've been freaking out about the mission. I have felt loads of inadequacy and usual whenever I have felt inadequate I instantly know its just the adversary tryin to get me to second question myself and I dont let it but lately...I've been letting it sink into my brain too much and Im actually starting to believe him. Thank goodness for the power of prayer, the atonement of Christ, and gift of the Holy Ghost. As well as having a loving bishop(ric) to talk to and the scriptures to ease my fears. All of these things support one another and have helped me tremendously!! I have learned so much just within the short time since I've gotten my call up until now. Life is amazing...Life truly is beautiful...and not because everything is going my way....cause believe me...its not but through the midst of it all we learn about ourselves when we go through hard times...and learn to sacrifice and submit to the Lords will. Without opposition...we wouldnt be able to recognize and appreciate all we've been blessed with. Thats all i guess for now... I dont think theres much more to update on. Hope all is well in everyone elses life!! If you feel like life isnt goin your way...remember if youre trying to figure out how to change your life.....get real...haha (not to be harsh) but sometimes theres things we just cant change....switch your focus to how changing your attitude towards life rather than life itself.... it will help...i promise! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All i know is i know nothing....

(just a thought.....) So I've spent majority of my life going to school, going to church, living life and experiencing things all to find out that I really don't know anything haha. At moments I feel like I know EXACTLY what I want and that I won't change my mind then soon after, it totally does change. haha... Life is confusing... don't you just love it!? :) All I do know is... you gotta keep going and don't let fear keep you from progressing and learning. Expect the unexpected! Also., Optimism is key :) Hope everyones had a wonderful day! Life is Beautiful! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


So My friends Summer Lewis and Olivia Evans are back for the summer and invited Kelly and I to go to the Diamondbacks game! I was so excited. So we get there and Kelly and I, of course first think of food so we hit up the coldstone stand and get a yummy large cup of ice cream :) and we totally finished eating it before we actually reached our seats hahaha anyways... so after only like 15 minutes of being there they start showing people on the jumbotron and kelly says "im gunna get my camera to take a picture if we get on it" haha and i think summer and olivia were like "were not gunna get on it" or something along those lines and 2 seconds after we all four pop up on the screen and start jumping haha and because kelly was prepared, she got a hilarious picture of us! love it! Here a just a few pics from the game! enjoy! Life is Beautiful! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March to April...

So i decided that im not good at this blogging thing and probably never will be and i can probably guess its really not that big of a deal cause im sure no one really cares all that much about whats goin on in my life haha. Anyways... i think i gotta get over my whole...." i cant make a new post without a picture" thing haha. Life has been absolutely amazing lately though. What a wonderful blessing the gospel is in my life cause ultimately when it comes down to it....its the only thing that can make me TRULY happy. Theres things in the world that can give us temporary happiness but before you know it.... youre so far stuck into something and then wonder...."what happened?" i used to be soo happy. The Gospel give the opportunity of eternal happiness in the end. :) Anyways.... I have had a three week break from school which has been way nice and im say that i only have on more day left but the break was awesome. I had Easter Pageant performances the first two weeks. What a blessing it is to participate in and be so anxiously engaged in a good cause. Being in the Easter Pageant is such an amazing experience :) i am glad i got to do it again this year. Such a blessing in my life :) School has been so awesome though. I am already a third of the way done! I start clinics this next week though which makes me pretty nervous! haha and now that Easter Pageant is over... sadly i have to go back to work :/ I miss my old job watching Beau and Gage... but hopefully i can still find a job workin with kids cause that is my favorite....anyone need a babysitter!? :) haha. So... im a big fan of picnics for some reason i just love them and i got to go on one yesterday afternoon and loved it! :) I love being outside and enjoying the amazing weather and just seeing the beauty of the earth :) Plus since we went to fountain hills we got to watch the fountain go off which is always a plus to any picnic haha. Anyways besides all that nothin else has really been going. Just goin to school and living with lifes everyday challenges and lovin it! :) gotta always be optimistic! Miss and love everyone i dont see all the time! :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed General Conference :)